Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Last weekend, I went camping outside of Tulbagh at the Wild Olive Farm (with the usual suspects, of course). It was absolutely stunning. The farm is a working olive (duh) and wine farm, and there were a few cattle and horses around too. There were two (maybe three?) dams stocked with fish and lots of incredible birds (whatever; by the last morning I had people excited about a bird chasing a bug, so I think I finally won). It all reminded me a bit of home, from certain angles. Good food and wine, great company, lots of sunshine, and beautiful views. I forgot how much I missed being in the outdoors (even if sleeping in a tent does make your face puffy...and let's be real, this was pretty tame car camping. I was mocked by our campsite neighbors for bringing an electric tea kettle to boil water. Of course, they then asked to use it when their gas stove took hours to boil up their water for tea). Some of the following pictures are mine; others are credited to their rightful owner. The rest of my photos are up on Facebook.

The campsite.

First arrivals (Hannah, Melanie, Jamie, me).

There were two dams at the farm--this was the first.

And the second.

Getting ready for dinner (photo by Mallory).

The whole group (Top row: Melanie, Terrence, Mallory, Bobby, me, Jack, Bottom Row: Jeanne, Hannah, Jamie, Allie). Photo courtesy of Melanie.

Gathering around the fire on the first night (Hannah, Bobby, me, Jamie, Jack--Melanie took the photo).

Christmas card!
I know, it's disgusting.
(Jack, me, Allie, Jamie (front), Melanie, Bobby; photo courtesy of Melanie)

Melanie took this one.

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