Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Giving Gifts

Hello Friends,

Here comes my annual holiday time post. I can't believe that this is the third year I'll be writing one of these.

I love getting presents as much as the next person. I love a well-thought-out gift. I love a gift card (even if Slate says they're evil). I love getting a nice note. They're all terrific. Some of the best gifts I have received over the years, however, were from loved ones who donated to a particular cause close to my heart. So, simply, please consider doing the same this holiday season for your family and friends.

If your sister's an outdoor enthusiast, try here.

Or if your roommate cares about Haiti, try here.

And of course, if you choose to donate to mothers2mothers, I know your money would go to a good cause.

Have a warm (or for Southern Hemisphere-ers, balmy) and happy holiday season. And thanks for reading and for your continued support. More posting to come in the new year.

Much love,

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