Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Life Before Auto-Tune

If you have anything do to with the internet, you've maybe seen Rebecca Black's video, Friday, which was written, created, auto-tuned, and shot by ARK Music Factory (factory--how à-propos!). If you haven't seen it, well, bless her 13-year-old-heart, but it's terrible. ARK basically creates pop-star-in-a-box songs and videos for wealthy tweens--Friday cost Black's mother $2,000. Or, as my friend Jamie put it, it's a bat mitzvah present gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Internet memes have a way of being beaten into the ground before their quick expiration dates (see: Double Rainbow, and, sorry, Charlie Sheen), but sometimes there are great things along the way, like this awesome cover by "Bob Dylan" (hats off for the great impersonation). Although Dylan wouldn't be caught dead with lyrics this bad (though he's had a few stinkers in his 50+ years performing, I'll admit).

H/T Allie.

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