Friday, July 29, 2011

Moving In (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Fog)

First things first: Adultery Fridays. New post on the House Appropriation's proposal for the 2012 State and Foreign Operations Bill. As per usual, I am unhappy with the state of things.

So, I'm officially moved into my apartment with my sis in San Francisco. We're living in the adorable, admittedly up-market Cow Hollow neighborhood (between Pacific Heights and the Marina). It's apparently the sunniest spot in the city, which is good for a sun-worshiping Southern Californian like me. I haven't done much in SF so far (including a trip up just over a week ago to get all the requisite goodies from Ikea), but this weekend promises to give me a better taste of the city, with two trips across the Bay to Oakland, several appearances at delicious-sounding restaurants, and some dancing on the docket. More to come, slowly, as I figure out how I want this blog to work going forward. So that you feel slightly less neglected, I've added some pictures of the new digs--my room and the living room. It's pretty damn nice.

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