Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'll Admit that I Hate Fundraising...

...but I'm going to bug you anyway.

If you've been reading since yesterday, you'll know that for my birthday, I'd like to raise some money for mothers2mothers. I've set up a way to do so on facebook. Please consider donating to m2m. I can say with confidence, as someone who's on the front lines (and obviously not at all biased) that mothers2mothers is an excellent organization doing great work for mothers and babies, and we need all the support we can get!

My birthday is this Saturday, March 6, so we're approaching the deadline for donations!

And I just want to take the time here to give a big shoutout to Heather, who is the first--and as of writing, the only--person who's donated through facebook towards my birthday wish! All together now: THANK YOU HEATHER!!!

And many thanks to all of you still reading out there,


Update at 5pm: One of my dearest friends, Sabrina, the queen of the slo-mo lax shot (among other illustrious titles), has also donated to mothers2mothers for my birthday wish. THANK YOU SLEE!!!

Update at 5.15pm: Heather has put together albums from an incredible photo project conducted by m2m across all of our countries. The pictures do a great job of telling the story of mothers2mothers and the women who work for m2m and who come to m2m for support. You can view it through facebook (and then you can click and say that you've "Read" it, which bumps our numbers on facebook) or you can directly access it here. The pictures are well worth a look!

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