Thursday, March 25, 2010

OK I Promise I'm Not Shilling for m2m

OK maybe a little. I can't help it. But this is kind of cool (as is the fact that Elton John is in Cape Town AND I'm seeing him perform tonight at the botanical gardens!). I also think it's sort of adorable that Sir E has a blogspot instead of his own site.

My dad was here last week--and had to extend his stay due to the British Airways strike--so I'll write soon about all of that excitement PLUS some pictures, since I now have a functioning camera! And I've been mulling about doing a thinkpiece about a mid-level band struggling in the harsh face of stardom...OK, actually about the current state of South Africa, with some potential parallels to Zimbabwe, based on some recent news events and things I experienced while my dad was here, including an enlightening visit to Robben Island, where Mandela and other political prisoners were held under Apartheid. Kind of like South Africa's Gitmo. I'll stop now. But before I get writing, I need to do more research because I'm beyond ignorant and a review of the state of South Africa sounds kind of ambitious. I might retract that as a potential post. OK. I'll write something, anyway.

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    I'm still waiting... and still reading... and still missing you!