Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Touching Down Back on Planet Earth

My vacation is over. Photos to come soon. Once I no longer have a tent set up in my apartment (it's drying), I have some clean clothes and a full fridge, I've waded through the current event developments over the past week and a half, and my furniture is returned to me (long story), I'll share. But it was all very wonderful.

Until then, here's a ridiculous and somewhat depressing trailer for Clifton Shores (sorry, couldn't figure out the code to embed the video on this post), an upcoming reality show in Cape Town set in the extremely affluent Clifton area. Based on what I'm seeing and reading (check out the post at Africa is a Country, where I first found all the links), I think the show is going to say a lot about the South Africa's unique culture of conspicuous consumption, extreme wealth disparity, racial attitudes, and a whole host of other things. It also will say some uncomfortable things about my own reality of living in South Africa as an American expat. Though I don't wear high heels as often as these girls appear to do.

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