Monday, August 22, 2011

Unpacked & Unclear

So, I'm finally in SF full-time. Probably. It's been just over six weeks of traveling, unpacking, packing, re-evaluating, re-packing, driving, wedding-ing, and eating, (of these last two, I'll throw up a few photos soon). Sometimes I think I now spend most of my time hauling things up and down stairs--suitcases, food, and various pieces of IKEA furniture, including a mattress that almost made my sister and me re-evaluate whether we wanted to share genetic material any longer. Overall, it's been great to be "home" (not sure what that means anymore...). A lot of transition and not a lot of time to think, however. But I think it'll all come to me eventually. Whatever that means.

Before I forget, I have a new post up at the Foreign Policy Association. This time, I discuss Human Rights Watch's report on maternal mortality and the public health care system in South Africa.

And here's a cute little video from Andrew Ross Sorkin and Sam Grobart from The NYT. Cute, silly, and a reminder that when you work for the world's best/whatever newspaper, sometimes you get to do stuff like this. In other words, play with smartphones, chill with 50 Cent, and drink a martini in a completely empty Cipriani.

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