Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lazy Laze.

Today I thought I'd write a rant about this article, but I got too pissed off to finish it and couldn't tell if it would still make me angry by the end. Halfway through, I couldn't decide whether I was actually angry or defensive--one of those "I'm allowed to criticize because I'm there, but you aren't a part of this world, so you can't" kind of things. Then I kind of lost steam. So, this is my post for the day. A short piece claiming that I almost worked myself up enough to write something but then got too lazy. Or whatever. Draw your own conclusions from the article. See? Lazy.

I saw a documentary on Sierra Leone (and other on a couple living with HIV in Botswana) this evening, and I'll post about them tomorrow. Need a little more distance on the whole thing. But both films were wonderful.

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