Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Music Day

It's gorgeous out today. So gorgeous that I needed to put my AC on in the car this afternoon. You get your share of icky, damp, howling days in Cape Town, but one beautiful day like this makes it worth it (and let's be real, there's no snow, so why should I ever complain?). But I've been listening to Adele a lot recently (I realize she's been a big deal for a while now, but I'm a martian at this point, let's let it go). And Adele is a wintry artist--perfect to listen to in front of a roaring fire with a cuppa or to get you all steamed up before you head out into the cold. Whatever your definition of "cold" may be. So, here's the video for her mind-blowing "Rolling in the Deep."

The NYT Bonnaroo coverage this year really made me want to go. And I've already asked around about this, but why do you think Lil Wayne was wearing that backpack on stage? I love the rest of that slideshow--the people in the illuminated costumes reminded me a bit of Afrika Burn and the awesome glow stick outfits some Burners were wearing.

Also, Ozomatli played at Thacher's reunion this year--my sister's 5-year and a member of Ozomatli's 25-year. That's kind of bomb.

Finally, President Obama has taken away the .gov-domain website of the Fiddlin' Foresters--the folk (bluegrass?) band of the US Forest Service--in an effort to cut government waste. Although one can't help but applaud the President's goal, this seems like pretty small potatoes. Plus, how cool is this song? Or the one below (and shades of Joan Baez, anyone)? That harmonica bit that goes into "Oh, Shenandoah?" Fantastic. Music with a nice message about conservation. Oh well. I guess we have to cut the lefty stuff to cut the righty stuff. Compromise shmompromise.

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